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The family has reportedly called

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Posted on: 04/01/17
The family has reportedly called for an independent investigation into their son's death, and hired the civil rights firm of Walton + Brown, LLP. In a statement, attorney Sean Walton said:The family of Tyre King asks for support from their community as they seek answers in this tragic killing. Please do not rush to judgment. 

We also have to remind everyone that the facts being discussed in the media are not facts at all. We do not know what he did or did not do. There are allegations that have been made regarding his actions, and those allegations cannot be taken as factual until a thorough, unbiased investigation has taken place. Please keep that in mind as we discuss the killing of this year old child. 

There are multiple witnesses that we have been made aware of that do not corroborate the current narrative. Please keep the family in your prayers and understand that until we have answers we must continue to call for transparency and accountability not only in all police involved killings, but especially in the case of this year old boy.Beginning in 2010, LOLGA.INC was one of the first professional online coin sellers, and with over 10 years of professional experience, you can safely trust them. Their competitive rates have made them over 1,000,000loyal customers. Their services are quick, with coin delivery within 15 minutes of purchase, unless due to unforeseen circumstances. NBA Live Coins has a large team of professional, well trained agents, and inventory specialists, with latest technological expertise, who work tirelessly to get you your goods on time, every time.

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