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Benzema is the only highlight of the game

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Posted on: 05/03/17
Benzema is the only highlight of the game for C Lo's second goal to contribute. Game 73 minutes, Marcelo cross from the left, Benzema ball cross knock, Felipe intercept unsuccessful, C Luo restricted area edge volley around the upper left corner of the network. After the game, "Aspen newspaper" commented: "Benzema once again played a nightmare game, he was almost nothing in the game. 7 minutes of the game he failed to seize the opportunity, the 28th minute bargain shot the same side His contribution to the team is almost zero, and then rarely join the team in the action of the first 77 minutes Zidane will be replaced. 
Real Madrid fans booed toward the Zeema, the French have no reason to defend. From the goal and assists data, Benzema are in the worst season since joining Real Madrid. This season Benzema played 2892 minutes, made 17 goals, assists 7 times, that is, an average of 120.5 minutes directly involved in a goal, this is his worst after the arrival of Real Madrid data. You know, after a few seasons, Benzema averaged an average of 85 minutes to participate in a goal. In terms of goals, Benzema's data and Ancelotti era of the two seasons almost, but the assists on the data greatly reduced. This season he only assists 7 times, an average of 413 minutes before assists 1, which is the worst after he joined Real Madrid.  
At the same time, Mora is also behind the pressure on Benzema, the Spanish international can take full advantage of Zidane given every minute. The field of Atletico's game, Mora La did not play 1 minute, in the goal data, Mora's goal more than Benzema more than one, but the playing time is 191 minutes less. Goal efficiency, Mora La averaged 94.5 minutes into the ball, and Benzema 170 minutes before entering a ball. In Zidane is still convinced that the BBC as long as the body is no problem, can not shake the case, the fans support Mora La starting voice is more and more loud. "Aspen newspaper" poll also shows that fans hope Mora to replace Benzema starter, Mora tower fans won nearly three times the number of Benzema. Does Zidane change his mind?
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